What do you know about bookmakers? What are the services they offer? Let’s try to answer these questions. Bookies’ customers are sports fans and people who are simply interested in sporting events, who make bets to benefit or just to have fun. One shouldn’t think of sports betting as a simple way to get rich. Actually, predicting the outcome of a game is extremely difficult. There are many factors that affect the result of the game – physical conditions and morals of players, their motivation, mood, the referee, the weather and so on. An undoubted leader may become a loser in a second. Bookmaking offices try to offer as many sports and variations of bets as possible, to provide for bettors’ demands. Football holds the first line in the popularity chart, then come hockey, basketball, tennis, Formula 1 racing competitions. Bets on the games played by local teams are quite frequent. If you make a bet and your prediction comes true – you win, if not – the bookie gains the advantage.

Bookmakers attract customers in different ways offering a variety of sports events, bets, campaigns, bonuses. Football is in really great demand, according to bookmaking experts. Hockey, tennis, basketball, box, rugby are a bit less popular. Fairly many bets are placed on Formula-1 races. What does live betting mean? They imply that bets are accepted in the course of the game. About 80 per cent of bettors are into this type of betting.
Previously, only sweepstakes were popular in Russia. In the mid-90s, the first sports betting offices appeared. They started taking bets on other sports. Today there’s no need to go to a bookmaker’s office to place your bet, you just have to use the Internet and visit a bookmaker’s site. There are both Russian and foreign online sports betting sites. You place your bets virtually and get the money in an ATM. These operations may be carried out at any time of the day from any country in the world.