The point of the blackjack free play is to collect a sequence of cards that will bit the whole point of blackjack dealer’s card so that the gambler’s amount of points will be greater than the dealer’s one but less than twenty-one.

In Blackjack dealer uses a deck of 52 cards. Starting a new hand, the dealer changes the old deck on the new one. Usually playing online blackjack the players gain points that can be counted as follows: so called simple cards such as deuces, threes, fours, etc. are estimated as two points, three points, four points, etc. All the pictures points such as jacks, queens and kings are estimated as ten points, Aces are estimated as eleven points and so on. If the player gets an Ace and a simple card, an ace can be estimated as one or eleven points. In case such a combination of cards is called “soft”. For example, axe and three is called “Soft 14″.

So imagine your game started. Each player is dealt two cards and all the cards are dealt face up. If a player of these two cards gets blackjack the dealer announces it to the box. There are some differences from the basic rules. The player often knows both cards of the dealer’s, so he has a great advantage. There are also some changes applied to the game in various casinos but in fact the game is played under the basic rules.